How do I order Ventus TD Tires?
The Ventus TD direct sales websites is currently under construction, you can place your orders over the phone by calling 323 - 564-5797. Placing online orders will be available shortly.

Are Ventus TD Competition Radials Legal on US Highways?
Hankook DOT-Approved race tires meet the Department of Transportation performance requirements but are not intended for highway use. DOT-labeled Hankook Racing tires are designed for racing use only.

How should I store my Ventus TD to ensure proper performance?
Rubber compounds used in competition tires have unique properties that, when compared to non-competition tires cause them to lose some flexibility when stored in subfreezing temperatures. Always store tires above 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degree Celsius) for optimal performance.

How do I evaluate the performance of the Ventus TD in regards to my setup?
Inside and outside tread wear indicator pins should be measure with a depth gauge to detemine if camber or pressure changes are necessary.

How do I prepare the Ventus TD tires for competition?
Scuffing is essential for maintaining longevity and consistency of grip level for a new set of race tires. Think of it as breaking a new engine in on a car or breaking in brakes. To scuff a set of tires, start by taking one or two moderately paced laps to gradually bring up the tires to operating temperature. Then run the tires for one hard lap followed up a cool down lap. Optimally you would want to stop and remove the tires and allow them to cool to ambient temperature before running them again. When running an entire session, you will gain better results from running a lap in the middle at a slower pace to allow tires to cool before running a hard lap again.